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The Nyloprint Combi 96x120ED is a premium quality system for main exposure, drying and post exposure of Nyloprint plates, delivering high productivity, reliability and safety due to process control.


  1. Operation panel & memory programs

    Clearly designed operation panel displaying all necessary times and settings. 10 memory programs for exposure. 4 drying drawers with individual drying time settings and countdown facility.

  2. Efficient, uniform drying

    A highly efficient heating and exhaust air extraction system ensures an efficient and uniform drying.

  3. Consistent exposure & operating status

    Consistent exposure with 21 high output UV-A tubes (80 W), built-in reflectors and electronic starters. The operating status of each tube is monitored and shown on the LED indicator. The operating hours of the tubes are recorded and can be displayed on request.

  4. Chilling device

    Recommended chilling device (Temperature Control Unit600 – 500) to ensure consistent temperature of the vacuum plate is optionally available.

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