An inherently flat top flexo plate combined with a special, textured plate surface that eliminates the need for surface screening.


  • Easy, with no additional equipment required

    Easy creation of flat top dots by simply processing the plate like any standard digital plate. No additional equipment, processing steps or any consumable items required.

  • Increased efficiency

    Increases efficiency and reduces complexity of pre press and platemaking processes. Time savings in pre press due to elimination of surface screening.

  • Simplified process

    Simplification of imaging process; shorter laser time due to the possibility to use standard laser resolution (2,400 / 2,540 dpi).

  • High quality & resolution

    Even ink laydown and increased solid ink density without the need for surface screening. High print resolution – precise reproduction of fine elements (e.g., first stable tonal value 1.2 % at 60L/cm).

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