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The Nyloflex Combi FII is an ef?cient, cost-effective all-in-one system for back, main and post exposure, washout, drying and light ?nishing of flexo plates.


  1. Highly efficient and cost-effective

    Featuring complete, all-in-one plate processing in one unit, the Combi FII offers enhanced efficiency and cost-effectiveness over its lifetime.

  2. High automation for easy processing

    20 memory programs for both exposure and light finisher.
    Automatic tube temperature regulation (exposure section) and defective lamp detection. integrated heating / chilling device for temperature control of washout solvent.

  3. Compact design

    Space saving and compact design including exposure, washer, dryer and light finisher.

  4. Short washout, long life.

    Short washout times due to oscillating rotary brushes, and a
    long service life.

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