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High outputs are ensured with excellent folding quality and double stream production in the T960 Perfection, which offers numerous advantages in one machine. And the full automation option allows users to add customised features according to their production needs. MBO’s custom-built components provide simplicity of operation, high productivity durability, and longevity of use.


  1. Top quality at top speed

    MBO Perfection models are the only buckle folding machines worldwide operating without the “ball“ transport system which is very susceptible to markings. In order to reliably avoid markings even for high throughput speeds, MBO applies the innovative vacuum infeed and alignment system Viva, as well as patented High-Speedguide conical rollers.

  2. Special conveyor table

    A special conveyor table that can be used on folding unit I opens up new production options with a single additional investment. The conveyor table permanently affixed to folding unit I is equipped with an alternating deflector. This can distribute the sheet stream from folding unit I alternately on two sidelays in folding unit II. This halves the mechanical speed of the second folding unit and this unit is able to process the higher output of the first folding unit, particularly with landscape formats.

  3. High folding quality

    Halving the speed guarantees high folding quality and reliable corner deflection in folding unit II. This means that for many products that could often produce a higher speed in the first folding unit, but that are slowed down by the second folding unit (fold variations, difficult corner deflection, flying corners with thin products), the output can be increased by up to 40 %. All with just one turn of the handle.

  4. High net output

    In addition to the increased output, overrunning images are no longer controlled via multiple crossfolds. Instead, the quality is set in the first folding unit itself via the first fold. A high net output can be achieved thanks to the waste sheet deflector integrated into the conveyor table. Incorrectly folded sheets and double sheets are detected by the ultrasonic double sheet control here and ejected during production before the alternating deflector.

  5. Impressive standard equipment and effective extensions

    With an excellent level of basic equipment and a wide choice of expansion opportunities, the Perfection series provide the maximum range of options: greater output thanks to the double stream unit, increased capacity thanks to special delivery units, greater ease-of-use from the Navigator control – or thanks to the patented MBO RFE sheet return unit that reduces the path between the feeder and delivery by up to 80 % in comparison to standard large format systems.

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