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The K80 folder offers extreme ease of operation. It’s suitable for the production of high precision, high performance production of folded products such as signatures and flyers in medium and high print run lengths. Even complicated folding patterns can be produced with absolute precision on sheets of B1/70 x 100cm. This combi folding machine achieves technical perfection thanks to the integration of numerous MBO-specific features.



  1. Machine control M1 Basic

    The machine control M1 is an intuitive operator guidance system on the adjustable touchscreen. Machine control M1 Basic is standard on the manual K80. The screen diagonal of the machine control M1 Basic is 6.9”. With the hood closed, the K80 with M1 Basic can be operated in jog mode.

  2. Machine control M1 Advanced

    Machine control M1 Advanced is standard on the automated K80. The screen diagonal of the machine control M1 Advanced is 15.5”. Jog mode is possible with open noise insulation and safety equipment. The machine can also be operated with two-hand operation. The M1 Advanced is compatible with the Datamanager 4.0, a software package for production planning. A fold imposition catalogue is also stored on the M1 Advanced providing support during setup.

  3. Feeder head Vaculift III in the palletized feeder

    The Vaculift III feeder head features exceptional ease of operation. It is based on mechanical lifting principles. A central presser foot at the rear of the stack adjusts the height of the feeder automatically and prevents the sheets “drifting away”. Four bellows units and four individually adjustable pre-blowers also ensure reliable capture and constant separation of the sheet. The Vaculift III achieves a frequency of up to 20 000 cycles per hour.

  4. Vivas (Vacubelt and Vacutable)

    Vivas ensures reliable flat sheet infeed and optimum sheet run with high
    throughput capacity. The Vivas vacuum system replaces the standard suction wheel and the ball rails. Vivas also guarantees no marks, even with delicate and freshly printed products. The vacuum of the suction belt is divided into two zones, infinite adjustments can be made for the corresponding paper quality during ongoing production.

  5. Buckle plates with swing deflector

    The manually adjustable swing deflector means that the buckle plate can be easily opened and closed. The infinite precision adjustment ensures accurate adjustment of the buckle plate. The first buckle plate is always equipped with a continuous sheet stop. This enlarges the contact surface of the sheet by around 30 percent. The greater contact surface means that the sheet is not deformed, contributing to improved fold quality at high speeds.

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