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The K8 achieves absolute precision and outstanding productivity because of numerous MBO premium features integrated in this machine: M1 Control for safe transportation of sheets and easy handling, and the Vacuknife folding knife for smallest possible sheet gaps, patented slitter shaft cassette MWK for short set-up times and so on. The optional Super-KTZ configuration enables an even wider range of various folding styles and adds more flexibility and further extensions to enhance performance.


  1. Vivas (Vacubelt and Vacutable)

    Vivas is the reliable option for a flat sheet infeed and sheet running with high conveying power. The Vivas vacuum system replaces the standard ball rails, thus guaranteeing marking-free documents, even if sensitive or freshly printed.

  2. Vaculift III

    Vaculift III ensures a constantly optimal sheet separation due to the motor-driven height-adjustment by a presser foot positioned in centre as well as four suckers and four individually adjustable pre-blowers.

  3. M1: Next Generation Machine Control Systems

    With its graphic user interface and intuitive menus, the M1 Control is very user friendly. Its touchscreen display allows operators to control multiple machine functions from the same interface by simply navigating through the M1 menu options.

  4. Vacuknife

    The newly optimised pneumatic drive allows a frequency of 40 000 cycles/h for the crossfold knife Vacuknife. This is a significantly higher output than with the conventional mechanical clutch/brake system. The knife is led double-sided across the complete knife width and is driven linearly – therefore, the sheet is permanently led until it is delivered to the foldrollers and folded exactly at the specified spot. Moreover, the knife can be moved horizontally. Therefore, small formats with small sheet gaps can also be processed. The result: A higher output.


    The SUPER-KTZ configuration combines the configurations KZ and SUPER KTL and, therefore, the folding style ranges of two machines in one. The complete cross and threefold section (except for the crossfold knife) can be swivelled a full 180 degrees from left to right without much effort. As a result, you can turn a SUPER-KTL configuration into a SUPER-KTZ configuration – with least expenditure of time.

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