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The Markhunting Ultra 300 Series is a UV coating solution that enhances the value and vibrancy of printed pieces, enabling printing and varnishing in one operation. The range comprises the Ultra 300A Off-line UV coater for offset and digital presses, the Ultra 300A HC (high capacity) and the Ultra 300i On-line model specifically for HP Indigo digital presses.


  1. Automatic hands-free cleaning

    The Ultra 300 Series features an auto scraper blade that scrapes excess coating from the roller, automatically cleaning the machines. The coater circulates alcohol around the roller, then disposes the waste into a separate bucket. Cleaning is hands-free – operators need not touch the rollers at the end of the day or turn valves on or off.

  2. Auto Gap: smear-free, clean finishing

    Excess coating is prevented from smearing the back of the print due to the Auto Gap system. Applicator and impression rollers engage only at the start and end of the sheet, for a clean, smear-free finish to both sides. The rollers automatically disengage when there is no sheet, preventing indentations and flat spots on rollers or prints.

  3. Ultra 300ia

    The Ultra 300ia for HP Indigo digital presses uses a bridge for in-line use with the HP Indigo 5000 and 7000 series presses. Its electronic interface provides bi-directional communication in the event of a paper jam on either end.

  4. Coating heating system & jam detection

    The coating system lowers the viscosity of the UV varnish, thus applying it more smoothly and consistently throughout the sheet. Matt coatings blend better, and high gloss coatings are made smoother. Error codes are provided when jams are detected – the UV lamp is shut off to prevent the jammed paper from burning.

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