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The Markhunting Ultra Serie 200PRO, 300A and 1000A Duplex Ready UV & AQ coaters allow printshops to turn their prints into vibrant and inspiring communication tools. These 2-pass Duplex Ready coaters operate at up to 34 metres per minute and up to 45 metres per minute.


  1. Auto Gap: smear-free, clean finishing

    Excess coating is prevented from smearing the back of the print due to the Auto Gap system. Applicator and impression rollers engage only at the start and end of the sheet, for a clean, smear-free finish to both sides. The rollers automatically disengage when there is no sheet, preventing indentations and flat spots on rollers or prints.

  2. UV or AQ aqueous coating and priming

    Customers using the Ultra Serie 200PRO, 300A and 1000A Duplex Ready coaters can choose between UV or AQ (aqueous water-based) coating. Priming before printing can help reduce overall paper costs.

  3. Intelligent Control

    The intelligent control system allows for easy operation, quick programming and automatic adjustment and cleaning.

  4. Modularity & upgradeability

    Ideal for short and mid volume use, these coating solutions are also upgradeable to high volume feeding and stacking.

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