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The Markhunting Ultra-100PRO is a UV coating solution suitable for use with both offset and digital presses. Featuring automated operation, it enhances the value and vibrancy of printed pieces, enabling printing and varnishing in a single operation. It accepts output from a variety of print engines, offering more versatility and consistency.


  1. Auto Gap: smear-free, clean finishing

    The Auto Gap feature prevents excess coating from smearing the back of the print. Applicator and impression rollers engage only at the start and end of the sheet, for a clean, smear-free finish to both sides. The rollers automatically disengage when there is no sheet, preventing indentations and flat spots on rollers or prints.

  2. Intelligent control, automated operation & power save

    The Ultra 100PRO boasts an intelligent control system for automatic programming and adjustment, and automated operation – complete activation at the touch of a button. Its power save mode reduces energy consumption when not in use, resuming operation in as quickly as 90 seconds.

  3. Auto purge & automatic suction feeder

    Auto purge removes coating from the hoses to minimize consumption of cleaning solution and contamination of the coating. The automatic suction feeder sets the gaps between sheets, ensuring no sheet overlap; double feed detection ensures that coating stops when two or more sheets have been fed.

  4. Self-diagnostic tool; utmost operational safety

    Self-diagnosis helps operators troubleshoot on their own. Detection sensors for paper jams, overheating, open safety cover and low coating ensure safety throughout the entire coating process.

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