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The Markhunting Ultra 1000 Series of coating machines allow you to turn your prints into vibrant, inspiring communication tools by improving their durability, overall look and quality. The range includes the Ultra 1000A UV, 1000A AQ, (water base), Ultra 1000A UV & AQ, Ultra 1000A Duplex, Ultra 1000A Duplex Ready, and the Ultra 1000Ai Online for the HP Indigo 12000 digital press.


  1. Durable, enhanced print quality

    UV or aqueous coating and priming improves durability, prevents scratching and scuffing, and resists fingerprints and smudges. While protecting precious print work, it also enhances the print quality and density of digitally, offset- and inkjet-printed sheets.

  2. UV or aqueous coating and priming

    Customers using the Ultra 1000A Series can choose between UV or aqueous water-based coating. Priming before printing can help reduce overall paper costs.

  3. Single pass coating, off-line and in-line

    The Ultra 1000 Series offers one pass coating in simplex, duplex, duplex ready or complete flood and in off-line and full in-line configurations.

  4. Intelligent Control, upgradeable usage

    The intelligent control system allows for easy operation, quick programming and automatic adjustments and cleaning. Designs are modular – ideal for short and mid volume use, but upgradeable to high volume feeding and stacking.

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