The Laminator – Foliant Gemini C400 is a manual high pressure laminating machine developed for a digital printing machines outputs lamination. It is equipped with a pneumatic system of laminating rollers pressure with easy thrust control. A small compressor is integrated inside the machine frame. Designed with an operating width of 380 mm, it represents an ideal choice for professional single side lamination in digital shops and all other printing shops, printing and processing sheets up to B3+ size.


  1. Laminator

    The Gemini C 400 laminator’s maximum sheet size is 38 x 66 cm. The minimum sheet size is 30 x 25 cm (A4). The roll of a film is mounted on an easy handle shaft with a film tension control breaker. The shaft capacity is up to 3000 m of 24 – 31 microns film. The film holder unit is equipped with a trim slitter and a perforating wheel. Maximum speed is up to 15 metres/min.

  2. Feeding

    As the FOLIANT Gemini C 400 is a manual machine, feeding is also manual. The laminating unit is equipped with a synchronized feeding conveyor and an adjustable side guider for easy loading.

  3. Separation

    Separation is manual. Due to the perforation of film (done in the process of laminating) the whole process is easy. Any time later the machine can be upgraded with an automatic separator.

  4. Laminating Films

    The machine laminates the BOPP films (23 – 42 microns) and Nylon films (max. 35 microns).

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