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The Komori Lithrone SX40 RP is a high-speed, high-quality one-pass two-sided printing press based on Komori’s flagship Lithrone SX series that offers great stability and short make-ready time.

Significantly shorter make-ready

The Lithrone SX40RP is equipped with the newly developed Asynchronous Automatic Plate Changing System (A-APC*) for significantly shorter make-ready times. The press is also equipped with the H-UV drying system, which enables fast print drying and short turnarounds. A wide range of other options is also available.

Efficient paper usage

The configuration of the one-pass two-sided printing press, which does not use a perfecting mechanism, contributes to the efficient use of paper because the margins on the top, bottom, left and right that are required for a perfector, are unnecessary.

Shorter changeovers

Mode switchover and air adjustments are unnecessary, allowing for shorter changeover time.

Labour saving

Labour-saving automated systems such as the KHS-AI (Advanced Interface) and benderless Full-APC are standard equipment.

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