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The Komori Lithrone G40 press offers a maximum printing speed of 16 500 sheets per hour and delivers very stable high-speed operation with sheet thicknesses of 0.04 ~ 0.8 mm.


  1. Improved efficiency

    The benderless fully automatic plate changing (Full-APC) and flat plate clamp significantly improve working efficiency and greatly reduce preparation time.

  2. High print quality

    Equipped with the KHS-AI system, the PDC-SX Spectral Print Density Control-SX*, and the PQA-S Print Quality Assessment system for sheet-fed presses, the Lithrone G40 maintains high print quality with less experienced operators.
    (*Optional specification)

  3. Shorter make-ready times

    Fusion of the KHS-AI integrated control system and the H-UV* drying system shortens make-ready time, cuts paper waste and reduces printing time to the utmost while maintaining the high print quality and high productivity that are characteristic of offset printing, both the ultimate short-run competence and short job cycle times are achieved.

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