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The benchmark HP Indigo 6900 Digital Press is the latest in the market-leading 6000 series narrow-web solutions for digital label and packaging production. Delivering unheard of levels of versatility, it enables superior, gravure-matching quality printing of any label, at any run-length in far simpler, more productive and more profitable manners. It opens up amazing growth opportunities for label and packaging converters, while saving on time and money, and boosting consumer engagement.


  1. Unrivalled versatility

    Boasting quick and easy changeovers, the Indigo 6900 allows printers to produce any narrow-format label, flexible packaging, sleeve, IML, wrap-around labels or folding cartons. It supports a vast range of media, including paper and synthetic substrates from 0.5 to 18pt. Used with HP SmartStream Mosaic software, it can generate literally millions of unique designs from a single seed file.

  2. HP high-value colours & enhanced resistance

    Printers can reach 97% of Pantone colours on-press using CMYK or HP IndiChrome 6- or 7-colour processes. Spot colours can be ordered or mixed off-press with HP IndoChrome’s Ink Mixing System for excellent Pantone-approved solids. Value can be added with HP Indigo’s extended colour gamut, including ElectroInk Silver, Fluorescent Pink and invisible inks, while the widest white portfolio is on hand. Pack Ready for Labels improves label resistance to water, chemical and mechanical exposure.

  3. Mighty productivity

    Production is streamlined by a new set of powerful tools and systems. A powerful print server allows printers to optimise and control production and increase press utilisation with cutting-edge RIP abilities. Fleet connectivity can be expanded by the new scalable, cloud connected DFE-HP Production Pro. Enhanced Productivity Mode (EPM) allows 3-colour printing, increasing throughput by 33% at 25% less energy consumption.

  4. Stand-out Indigo quality

    With its gravure-matching print quality, the Indigo 6900 meets the most stringent branding requirements. Indigo Liquid Electrophotography (LEP) technology delivers crisp high-res printing, attractive images and smooth vignettes with ultra-thin ink layers. One Shot technology transfers all colour separations simultaneously in a single pass, for accurate, repeatable registration, and the Color Automation Package guarantees superb accuracy and consistency.

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