The HP Indigo WS6800 Digital Press is the most productive, flexible, and high-quality printing solution for the labels and packaging converter. This press is an industry groundbreaker: it pushes the crossover point of digital vs. conventional processes by up to 50%, making the vast majority of jobs more profitable when printed digitally.


  1. Higher profitability

    Achieve higher profitability with the HP Indigo WS6600 Digital Press than with any other solution in the market. The press shifts labels and packaging mainstream production to HP Indigo digital printing helping your business become a leader in high-quality and profitable printing of labels, flexible packaging, sleeves, and folding cartons. Boasts a printing speed of 40 metres per minute, and a maximum speed of 60 metres per minute in a 1- or 2- colour mode.

  2. Agility and performance

    Offers unmatched application flexibility and production efficiency, enabling automated and efficient production of labels, flexible packaging, sleeves, and folding cartons. The press streamlines these applications by automating press processes and integrating inline optional components for priming and finishing, supporting the widest media gamut available for digital production.

  3. Automation without sacrificing specialisation

    Whether you focus on one application or switch between many, and whether the runs you print are short or of various run lengths, the press will allow you to expand your business further. The advanced level of automation embedded in the press lowers the need for operator intervention and increases uptime.

  4. Integrated print server

    The server of the HP Indigo WS6800 Digital Press is fully integrated with EskoArtwork’s Automation Engine, enabling you to efficiently streamline hundreds of SKUs per day and utilise your press to its maximum capacity.

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