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Bringing a world of new opportunities within reach of printers, the enhanced HP Indigo 7K is considered the world’s best SRA3 digital production press. This truly robust machine enables simple, smart production with best in class productivity and minimal downtime. Delivering renowned HP Indigo image quality, the Indigo 7K offers a new collection of high-value applications, a broader range of substrates and new speciality inks.


  1. Extensive applications, media & substrate types

    The HP Indigo 7K allows printers to expand into unlimited new business opportunities with a virtually endless range of high-value applications, speciality inks and media, plus the widest range of substrates in the industry, from black and coloured media to metalized and synthetics.

  2. Premium applications & millions of colour combinations

    The press delivers premium applications on thick media up to 550 microns. Millions of colour combinations and 97% of the colour gamut can be accessed with seven ink stations and unlimited spot colours. Printers can stand out with 20 speciality inks including Silver, Invisible Yellow, Premium White, Easy Release (scratch-off), Fluorescent and many more.

  3. Increased productivity with EPM

    Productivity is greatly increased by using Enhanced Productivity Mode (EPM) and automated EPM decision tools on the cloud integrated DFE*. Automatic print queue optimization allows for continuous and easy printing and lets users print and proof in parallel. 160 colour pages per minute in EPM mode and 240 monochrome pages per minute are achievable.

  4. PrintOS Production Pro

    PrintOS Production Pro for commercial v8.0 is the first cloud integrated digital front end (DFE)* and includes EPM Preflight, with decision point now automated. User experience is improved with preview and night mode. Out of the box integration means dozens of workflow partners and finishing devices are available. The industry’s fastest RIP is now even faster (+10%) and pixel level preview is also improved.

  5. PrintOSx

    This suite of solutions enables Indigo customers to create the factory of the future with automated processes and efficient production. Operators can be more connected, proactive and effective, production managers can achieve operational excellence with best practices, data and analytics, while business managers can grow revenues by constantly innovating portfolios.

  6. Easy & robust ink replacement

    A new conditioning agent enables better cleaning, saving time on replacements. Ink replacement is quicker and easier with robust cleaning of the ink station when changing colours. Repeat flush cycles are avoided and the use of clear inks such as invisible is also facilitated while avoiding contamination at ink building.

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