The Highcon Pulse digital cutting and creasing solution brings the digital post-print revolution to print service providers and converters with a seamless integration into existing B2 / 29 inch sheet size workflows.


  1. Creasing

    Creasing is based on Highcon’s patented DART (Digital Adhesive Rule Technology). In the Highcon DART process digital rules are written onto a DART Foil on the machine. Setup for the DART is a mere 15 minutes. The result is crease lines with the same physical attributes as traditional ones.

  2.  Cutting

    Creased sheets move in one pass to be cut, perforated or etched with precision CO2 lasers and innovative optics. Intricate cutouts and decorative cuts are simple and fast. Being a digital process, last-minute changes or edits are simple and can be done on the machine in seconds

  3. New applications, competitive edge

    A wide range of new, high value applications offers you differentiation and a competitive edge

  4. Profitable solution

    Pulse offers a profitable solution for in-house finishing of short runs at affordable prices, allowing business growth through innovation.

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