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Fujifilm’s ZAC processing solution is an advanced, automated low-chemistry processing system that optimises processing quality and significantly reduces the volume of water and chemistry used, thus reducing environmental impact.


  1. Radical reduction in chemistry

    The intelligent ZAC processor realises a reduction of up to 80% in chemistry needed by identifying only those areas of the plate that need to be processed, and by constantly monitoring bath conductivity.

  2. Exceptionally low maintenance

    Thanks to ZAC’s intelligent replenishment system that monitors developing conditions and accurately calculates the required volume of replenisher, maintenance requirements are greatly minimised. Bath life can be extended up to four months or 15 000m2, maintaining dot structure and stability, so maintenance may only need to be carried out four times a year.

  3. Less operator intervention needed

    Due to the ZAC system’s intelligence, there is hardly any need for operator intervention. Plates are produced consistently, without effort, and quality is maintained. The ZAC/Fujifilm plate combination is the closest to processless chemistry reduction with the benefit of a processed plate.

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