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The Fujifilm Superia ZD is a next generation processless plate that takes commercial offset production to new levels of efficiency. This robust, maintenance-free plate delivers high run lengths of consistent quality and is also compatible with UV ink.


  1. Matchless durability, maintenance-free

    Engineered to be robust and durable, the Superia ZD can deliver a run of 150 000 impressions with one set of plates. This means longer runs with fewer plate remakes and less press downtime. Maintenance-free, it needs no processor, chemistry or gum.


    Consistent print quality

    The Superia ZD provides exceptional print quality, with a specification of 1-99% resolution and 20 μm FM resolution. Consistent image quality is maintained over both short and long runs, and because processing doesn’t involve chemistry or gum, stability is better than that of traditionally processed plates.


    Scratch resistance

    The plate’s technology incorporates several high performance multi-layer coatings, making it far less sensitive to scratching than previous generations of processless plates.

  4. Conventional & UV inks

    The Superia ZD’s excellent scratch resistance also means that it can be used with both conventional and new generation UV inks.

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