Densitometer T120 & RT120. The transmission-densitometer T 120 measures density and dot percentage on film. The version RT 120 can measure black-and-white prints and polyester plates in reflection mode additionally.


  1. Reflection measurements

    For the reflection measurements the dot percentage values are displayed according to the Murray-Davies or alternatively according to the Yule-Nielsen formula. This means it can be used for the measurement on printing plates as well.

  2. Densities

    Densities up to D = 6 can be measured accurately in transmission mode. For reflection measurements densities up to D = 2,5 are displayed reliable and fast.

  3. Compact & portable

    The light plates LT 20 and LT 40 are the ideal light sources for precise measurements. The instruments are easily fastened to the light plates. The result is an integrated measurement system which is compact in size and portable, giving it a large advantage in comparison to bulky desktop systems.

  4. Special Versions

    There are two special versions available: RT 120 PC has a serial port allowing to transfer measurement data to a Windows PC and RT 120 Pol with an integrated polarizing filter.

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