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The Digilase 4.0 is an innovative digital finishing machine with state-of-the-art laser cutting technology. Traditional die-cutting tools are not required, which saves capital investment, set-up time, waste, storage space and the need for heavy manual lifting. This means that both short and long runs can be processed quickly, so that printing businesses can offer same day delivery for a wide range of labels.


  1. Easy to use & time saving

    With its intuitive controls and its low cost of maintenance, the Digilase 4.0 is very easy to use. It saves time as no make-readies are necessary and all jobs can be saved for future use.

  2. Precise & intelligent

    Intricate shapes, fine contours and sharp or round corners can be cut with pin-point accuracy. The Digilase 4.0 features intelligent bespoke ABG software for automatic job changeovers in just a few milliseconds with possible MIS integration and job data storage using JDF/JDM files.

  3. Creative & versatile

    There are no limits to the Digilase 4.0’s creativity, with kiss cutting, engraving, through cutting and bit removal. It can produce labels on any material, with just two exceptions – PVC and full PE; however blended PE is possible to be laser cut with very high quality cut results.

  4. Flexibility & accuracy

    With modules and options, the Digilase 4.0 gives print businesses great flexibility and a competitive edge. Cutting speed and power are managed by the software to ensure great accuracy and consistent results.

  5. Material saving & speed

    Small blank web between jobs means material saving, while job changeovers take only a few milliseconds. Roll-to-roll or roll-to-sheet, the Digilase 4.0 is ideal for any digital printing application.

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