Petratto SE19 Mosquito & SE30 Octopus

Post-press inserters

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The Petratto SE19 Mosquito A3 is a post-press inserter with attaching and tipping in-feeding for a wide range of items and independent programming for A3 sizes. The SE30 Octopus is an inserter that attaches and tips in 3D objects with a sucker system. The machines are suitable for both digital and offset post-press applications.


The Mosquito features independent programming to suit customer requirements. Items that can be attached or tipped in include credit cards, business cards, colour samples, maps, phone cards, leaflets, small pictures and more.

The SE30 Octopus can be used to attach and tip in a wide variety of 3D objects with a 'pick & place' sucker system.

Both inserters offer different options for many other applications including labelling devices, customized ink jet printing, cameras and bar code readers, and full flat gluing, whereby glue is spread on a big surface to allow couplings and so on.

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