Petratto Metro 78/105 & Mini Metro 78/105

A modular folder gluer machine range

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The Petratto Metro 78/105 is an innovative folder gluer machine for the realization of special converting and printing jobs together, thanks to its open and modular structure and its great flexibility, without the burden and complexity of dedicated machines. The basic machine can be customized by adding the required ready-assembled modules such as feeders, folding sections, turning devices and so on. Its features and accessories allow production applications that more expensive machines cannot produce, with minimal floor space and at speeds of up to 200 metres per minute. The machine is complemented by the entry-level Mini Metro 78/105. The machines are suitable for both offset and digital post-press applications.


By adding the required ready-assembled modules such as feeders, folding sections, turning devices and so on to the basic machine, it is possible to customize the Metro to individual needs and requirements. This concept allows users to produce the widest variety of applications. Several units can be connected to produce multiple applications. Units can also be separated and used as independent machines.

The Metro offers 3 feeders: a belt feeder, with or without vacuum system, for either continuous or sheet spaced feeding; a pile feeder with vacuum head to run larger sheets or blanks, or light weight stock; a multi-feeder that combines a pile feeder and belt feeder in a single machine.

Setting times are reduced and lower grammages can be processed, and machine strength, accuracy and speed increased thanks to new diamond shaped bars and single point clamping. The lower bridges allow more user-friendly access to the machine, with rapid changeovers and accurate tool cleaning. Self-aligning transportation wheels help placing and moving products at increased speeds.

These include the patented left and right side lays that can be placed both before or between jobs to obtain perfect quality in folding gluing unachievable with other similar machines. A co-pilot panel features a new digital connecting system allowing upgrades into the future, with a 7-colour touchscreen and remote assistance. These attachments combine to achieve speeds of 200 metres per minute.

The machine supports a vast variety of applications including boxes, crash lock boxes, cartons, presentation folders, multimedia packaging, cosmetic packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, wallets, table tents and many more.

The Mini Metro’s features are similar to the Metro: it can process all standard converting jobs, both commercial and packaging, as entry level equipment. To satisfy digital printing needs, the focus is on easy and rapid size changeovers. Attachments include double-sided adhesive tape applicators, bar code reader, camera for quality control, batch counter and interface to link or upgrade a Metro machine.

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