Markhunting Serie 100PRO PrintFlood

A UV flood coater

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Applying glossy, satin or matt finishes, the Markhunting Serie 100PRO PrintFlood UV coater allows printshops to turn their prints into vibrant and inspiring communication tools in a single pass. Operating at up to 13 metres per minute on 365mm (W) X 510mm (L) paper formats, the entry level 100PRO is part of the widest, most innovative range of UV flood coaters on the market.


The unique automatic roller gap adjustment ensures a smear-free and clean coated finish. Applicator and impression rollers engage only at the start and end of the sheet, and automatically disengage when there is no sheet, preventing indentations and flat spots on rollers or prints.

The intelligent control system allows for easy operation, quick programming and automatic adjustments and cleaning. The coater comes configured with the SF-200 Suction Feeder for high capacity feeding.

The Markhunting Serie 100PRO UV coater operates at up to 13 metres per minute on 365mm (W) X 510mm paper formats.

Coating is evenly distributed before passing under UV lamp, delivering vibrant documents instantly. The optional infrared heating system helps to cure difficult stock.

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