Laminator – Foliant 520TS

A semiautomatic laminating machine

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The Laminator – Foliant 520TS is a simple semiautomatic laminating machine (laminator, separator) designed with an operating width of 520 mm. It represents an ideal choice for a professional in-house single side lamination in small offset and HP Indigo printing shops printing and processing sheets up to B2+ size (the largest format is 52 x 75 cm). Maximum speed is up to 7 metres/min.


The 520TS laminator’s maximum sheet size is 52 x 75 cm. The minimum sheet size is 30 x 25 cm (A4). The roll of a film is mounted on an easy handle shaft with a film tension control breaker. The shaft capacity is up to 3000 m of the 24 - 31 microns film. The film holder unit is equipped with a trim slitter and a perforating wheel.

The 520TS is a semiautomatic machine. The feeding is manual. For an easy manual feeding the laminating unit is equipped with a synchronized feeding conveyor and an adjustable side guider.

The belt separator (sheeter) is equipped with a separating roller and a deflection wheel. The separated sheets are delivered into a reception unit or a vibrating jogger (options).

Modular stand MS520: a simple steel stand for the whole semiautomatic line fixation. Reception Unit RU530: a simple adjustable reception unit for stocking the laminated sheets. Jogger 530: an adjustable vibrating reception unit for the laminated sheets stocking. Its capacity is limited up to a 10 cm pile of sheets.

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