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The TD-4000 is a true GDI printer, fully compatible with Windows® OS computers – including Windows® 7. This desktop label printer and barcode printer will print on most medium/high sensitivity direct thermal media in high quality 300 dots/inch print resolution, and comes ready with everything you need to start printing, including USB cable and PT-Editor 5.


  1. PT-Editor 5

    Use PT-Editor 5 to add barcodes, lines, curves, text, and graphics, and print by typing in your data or link to a variety of data files which includes CSV files, Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheets, Microsoft® Access® and SQL Server databases, and print by selecting one or multiple records.

  2. WHQL certified Windows®-based printer driver

    Use your own Windows® based software application as the TD-4000 comes with a WHQL certified Windows®-based printer driver and is compatible with many third party Windows®-based software applications.

  3. Host-based printing

    Unlike competitive barcode label printer models that require printing using their resident fonts and barcodes, the TD-4000 is also host-based and can print text, barcodes and graphics from software, up to 4.3 inches/second.

  4. Built-in automatic cutter

    The built-in automatic cutter reliably trims receipts and continuous labels to your desirable length, or configure it to cut after printing die cut labels – either one at a time or after printing a strip of multiple labels.

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