Komori Lithrone S29

A 26/29-inch offset printing press

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The Komori Lithrone S29 features extensive automation for the world’s shortest make-ready thanks to the incorporation of Komori’s most advanced technologies.


Extensive automation results in the world's shortest make-ready thanks to the incorporation of Komori's most advanced technologies. These range from the new Full-APC (the first fully automatic plate-changing system specifically designed for a half-size press) that eliminates the need for a tail bend on the plate and is capable of changing four plates in just two minutes 30 seconds, to completely automatic wash-up of the blanket and impression cylinders and inking rollers.

The Lithrone S29 offers a high-speed (12 000sph) initial printing function, a maximum printing speed of 16 000 sph with ultra-stable print quality and a high-speed pre-inking system. Time, from the end of one 200-page job to the start of the next job, is reduced to a mere six minutes. This job changeover time is a powerful instrument for handling short-run work profitably. In fact, the Lithrone S29 has the unheard-of capacity to finish 10 jobs of 200 pages each in just one hour.

The major advantages of the Lithrone S29 include high print quality, high reproducibility, superior inking and distribution and colour brilliance along with high productivity. The printing units are at the core of this quality. They incorporate an optimised roller configuration derived from a computer analysis to specify the ideal model for maintaining the optimum balance of ink and water, ensuring sufficient ink retention and attaining high print quality.

Equipped with dual large-screen touch-panels, the new operation console allows nearly all press adjustments to be made easily by remote control. The operation console can be configured with the CIP4/JDF-compatible K-Station (optional) and the KHS-AI (Advanced Interface)(optional). This centralised control offers a real time view of press operating conditions with external data.

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