Komori Lithrone GX40

A 40-inch offset packaging press

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The Komori Lithrone GX40 is the company’s flagship machine, designed to meet the diverse needs of customers at a very high level.


In addition to extremely stable printing at the 18,000 sheets per hour maximum printing speed, even with heavy stock, the GLX-40 delivers both significantly improved print quality and enhanced agility for colour changeovers.

The LithroneGX40’s extraordinary productivity is due to automatic non-stop devices* for long runs at high speed, control systems, automatic mechanisms and new cleaning/washing systems. (*Optional specification)

KHS-AI, the core system for meeting diverse printing needs, is combined with new features that provide powerful support for package printing, resulting in immense power for high print quality and high productivity.

The energy-conserving and space-saving design, along with reduced heat emissions, benefits the environment.

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