HP Indigo 7r Digital Press

A very fast and versatile reconditioned digital press

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The HP Indigo 7r Digital Press is a productive and trustworthy HP Indigo press—the result of a carefully crafted and executed reconditioning process. It offers the same offset matching print quality and high productivity as the HP Indigo 7000 series, and it can produce a variety of high-value applications.


Prints up to 160 pages per minute, with up to seven-colour support on a maximum sheet size 33 x 48 cm (13 x 19 in).

Enabled by HP Indigo’s liquid ElectroInk technology and unique digital offset process, HP Indigo prints are of the highest quality. They match or even exceed offset, allowing them to be used interchangeably. HP Indigo ElectroInk has the widest digital colour gamut, in addition to special inks, reaching up to 97% of PANTONE® colours and using up to 7 ink stations on press.

The press is reconditioned at the HP Indigo factory where it undergoes an extensive parts replacement and testing process designed by HP Indigo’s experts. The press achieves print quality equivalent to a newly manufactured press and comes with a factory warranty. The programme is part of HP Indigo’s effort to reduce waste and minimize impact on the environment.

HP SmartStream Production Pro Print Server 6 is the industry’s most scalable and powerful print server. It can handle the most challenging workloads and offers a wealth of easily automated prepress tools to optimize production.

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