HP Indigo 100K

An advanced digital B2 press

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The HP Indigo 100K is the world’s most productive B2 digital solution with true digital nonstop print capabilities at 6000 sheets per hour. This breakthrough press completely recalculates total cost of ownership – it is a profit centre that boosts margins on existing short runs, while generating new business and bringing in untapped digital business opportunities.


The HP Indigo 100K produces short runs more economically due to elimination of makeready and plate costs. It allows printers to move the right jobs to digital where they are more efficient in time and more economical cost-wise.

With the HP Indigo 100K, print shops can seize new business opportunities with digital value – for instance, large data-drive programs with variable data and personalisation applications – while bringing in new revenue and profit streams.

The press affords printers the opportunity to optimize existing digital work by leveraging larger sheet sizes. The number of sheets and impressions required per job are reduced due to the maximising of imposition efficiencies.

Printers can exploit the best of both worlds through an optimal coexistence of analog and digital technologies to drive profitable growth. The Indigo 100K releases 46% of conventional press hours, while greatly improving overall efficiency and freeing up capacity due to digital conversion, while offset press efficiency doubles after moving short run jobs.

The HP Indigo 100K delivers speeds of 4500 sheets per hour (4/0), 6000 sheets per hour in Enhanced Productivity Mode (EPM 3/0) and 2250 sheets per hour (4/4). Resolution is 812 dpi at 8 bit with writing system addressability and 812 dpi (virtual 2438 x 2438 dpi). Maximum sheet size is 750 x 530 mm and a minimum of 510 x 330 mm.

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