Herzog + Heymann M8.40

An outsert system for labelling & gluing

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Launched at DRUPA 2012, the M8.40 was the world’s first 18 pocket machine, built to address a growing demand for larger sheet sizes in the pharmaceutical industry. With its high number of folding pockets, very small final formats are possible, as well as multiple panels in one product line.


A very special application in miniature folding is the production of outserts for the pharmacy industry. Leaflets are folded several times and, as a result, the final product is very thick. To ensure easy closing, an operation with a parallel knife unit for a parallel fold is required (XP 250.1), followed by a label attachment (SH 100) and final pressing (PP 300).

The M8.40 can be configured individually and equipped for perfect production – the modularity of single units allows for greater flexibility. Different feeding systems like continuous or flat pile feeder and web-fed solutions can be used for outsert production.

The folding unit is available with up to 18 folding plates. Setup devices and combi plates guarantee fast setup times and in combination with perfect folding roller cover for thin paper production, high quality is guaranteed.

The parallel knife unit XP-250.1 is the main element of each outsert system. Depending on the product thickness, the last folds must be done in a parallel knife unit.  A double-sided alignment system realizes the best folding quality and an optional glue inspection can be integrated. If glue is missing, the outsert will be ejected inline without machine stoppage.

This pressing unit has two integrated belts between the pressing cylinders. Small products are fixed and held down during pressing, and outserts are pressed for longer. A long infeed device transfers the products from previous units into the pressing unit, which is mobile and flexible.

The machine can be equipped with camera systems top and bottom on an extra-long alignment table. The camera can read and match 1D or 2D codes, texts and patterns. This avoids a mixing of wrong sheets and guarantees 100% reliability. To avoid paper jams and increase the machine’s lifetime, the entire production process can be monitored by photocells with touchscreen control.

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