Herzog + Heymann M7.32

A 20-plate folder

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The Herzog + Heymann M7.32 folder is an absolute all-rounder and, thanks to its enormous flexibility, is perfect for nearly every production field. The modular kit allows the easy installation of different folding roller diameters, working widths, extra folding pockets and more additional options. All-in-all, it’s the ideal technology for miniature folding up to large format applications. Create your own model to increase your product range.


The M7.32 can be equipped with up to 20 fold plates to produce even smaller outserts than any previous model. The specialized system for pharmaceutical outserts production can fold 21 panels in the parallel unit and has a minimum folding length of 27mm to allow printers to create more folds than ever before.

For increased job integrity, camera inspection systems for printed codes, text or pattern recognition can be added along the alignment table of the M7.32 to verify accuracy during the production process and to minimize errors.

The M7.32 is compatible with waterscoring systems to enable the production of higher-quality outserts. By scoring the product before the folding process via waterscoring, every panel of the sheet can be scored, unlike traditional scoring. With the waterscoring system, this folder can produce outserts with more panels and superior lay-flat characteristics.

The right-angle turning unit with its U-configuration allows for more efficient use of factory space, plus shorter distance between the infeed and delivery unit for easier system operation.

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