Herzog + Heymann KL112.1

A miniature folding unit

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The Herzog + Heymann KL112.1 miniature folding unit is designed for the production of small folded products, special and thin papers. Based on a folding roller diameter of 26mm, the folder can realize folding lengths up to 18mm. In combination with a high number of folding pockets with up to 16 per unit, bigger sheets can be folded down to small final formats. Glue applications can also be added.


A minimal fold length of up to 18mm can be achieved due to the fold roller diameter of just 26mm. In combination with a maximum buckle plate number of up to 16 buckle plates, large sheets can be folded down to a minimal end format.

Whether you want to manufacture products such as inserts and outserts for pharmaceuticals, operating manuals or glued and tacked booklets, flexibility is one of the strengths of the KL112.1. The modular design means that the right configuration and solution is available for every requirement.

Several feeder options are available: a flat pile feeder, a continuous feeder for continuous production, a stream suction feeder for feeding miniature formats, and web finishing using an unwinder and sheeter. All delivery systems are modular, and manually or electrically adjustable for height, making them very flexible to use.

Depending on customer requirements, additional finishing units may be necessary to manufacture specific products. As well as small format and belt pressers, parallel and crossfold knife units, cutting and scoring devices as well as labellers and more can be added into the KL112.1 folding range in a modular way.

The KL112.1 offers numerous options and configurations: integrated camera system for mix-up control; cold gluing system and coordinating segmented fold rollers; 2 to 16 buckle plates; sheet monitoring system; conveyors with spreaders & ejector functions, and labellers.

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