Herzog + Heymann 491B

A packing / inserting machine

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The 491 B packer from Herzog + Heymann is designed to save time and valuable production costs. Flat subjects (medical instruction sheets or flyers) are automatically inserted upright, closed by a label (or labels) and automatically packed into cartons. The cartons are then closed manually.


The Herzog + Heymann 491 B has been specifically designed for the packaging industry, and is ideal for packing large quantities of foods, pharmaceuticals, sweets, advertising material and more.

This solution avoids manual work. High volumes of manual inserting processes are automated to save costs during production. Fewer personnel are needed, due to the high volumes in the magazine of the revolver feeder.

In the original tray, the insertable products are directly filled into tray holders to a height of up to 900mm. The number of tray holders depends on the product format. Optionally, single products can be filled in custom-made trays.

Flat objects such as medical instruction sheets and flyers are automatically inserted upright, closed by up to 3 labels and automatically packed into cartons. The cartons are closed manually.

A friction feeder is uses to feed the main product. Code and camera reading allow the detection of incorrect samples, double insertion and displaced folded products.

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