FOLIANT Laminator Vega 530A

A fully automatic compact industrial laminating machine

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The Laminator – Foliant Vega 530A is a new generation of very compact industrial laminating machines, designed for a heavy duty “in-house” lamination of digital and offset outputs (max. format 53 x 75 cm), Maximum speed is 18 metres/min.


Due to its integrated pneumatic high-pressure system, format and performance the machine is suitable for all jobs – all kind of digital printed sheet lamination and high volumes of offset printed sheets size B2+ lamination. Performance is over 1500 sheets per hour of B2 portrait or over 3000 sheets B3 landscape.

The Vega 530A is equipped with a rising pile front separation stream feeder and with a vacuum belt head. The Becker vacuum pump is used for sheet front airing. The overlaps are controlled, in an “in-run“ mode. The accuracy is +/- 2 mm under-lap (at a constant speed). The feeder is fitted with a lifting plate and its capacity is a 30 cm pile of paper.

The laminator’s maximum sheet size is 53 x 75 cm. The minimum sheet size is 15 x 15 cm. The machine is a single-sided thermal industrial laminator, laminating 115 – 500 gsm paper. The laminating roller is heated with a dry electric system inside the roller, with a sensitive temperature sensor. The warming up time is shorter than 10 minutes.

The integrated bump separator (sheeter) is equipped with a pair of fast cycling rollers. The process is controlled from the machine control unit. The separated sheets are delivered into a vibrating jogger (optional) or adjustable reception unit (optional).

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