Epson Moverio BT-35E Smart glasses

From Epson comes Moverio BT-35E, offering a true Augmented Reality (AR) experience from lightweight, OLED digital display see-through smart glasses.

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A genuine advance in First Person View (FPV) technology, Moverio glasses transform the way users see apps, consume visual content and interact with devices like drones.


With Moverio BT-35E, users can focus on the task at hand. These hands-free Si-OLED-powered binocular see-through smart glasses deliver a range of content at low latency from a range of devices using HDMI or USB-C connectivity. Durable and comfortable, they are designed to be used by a range of users and visitors. The glasses can be used with Windows and Android devices.

Epson has invested heavily in projection technology. The latest in silicon-based OLED technology, it is optimised for use in the Moverio BT-35E. The glasses deliver a range of content at low latency from a variety of devices using HDMI or USB-C connectivity.

The arms of the Moverio BT-35E automatically adjust to fit the head size of any user. The headset has also been designed to fit perfectly over users’ glasses, with the nose pad ensuring a snug fit.

Flip-up shades make it easy to transition between indoor and outdoor environments, ensuring that content can be viewed even in areas of bright light. The Moverio BT-35E glasses also deliver 3D content, making the most of the 720p HD display with a high brightness to ensure a crisp image and vivid colours.

Moverio BT-35E glasses are ideal across a wide range of applications, including healthcare, where medical professionals can focus on patients or other procedures, hands-fee, while maintaining a comfortable position; engineering, where they can be connected to high-performance engineering devices; commercial UAV use where they allow users to fly drones while simultaneously viewing the feed and keeping the drone in line of sight, and of course, entertainment.

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