Crosscall SHARK-X3

A waterproof & resistant mobile phone

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Whether you’re an ocean-going professional or a water sports enthusiast, the SHARK-X3 is the waterproof mobile phone for you! Onshore, offshore or in your demanding daily job routine, it goes with you in all types of weather. Thanks to the Air Capsule concept, it is one of the only floating mobile phones in the world. So, if you fall into the water with your phone, Crosscall Keep Alive technology automatically
activates and sends flashes and a warning message. The SHARK-X3 is your life line between the shore and the wide open sea.


With a PMMA reinforced PC window, the SHARK-X3 is IP68-certified. It’s thus waterproof and dustproof, withstanding temporary immersions of up to 60 minutes at depths of 2 metres. The phone features the “Air Capsule” concept: a large volume of air is trapped between screen and glass allowing the device to float in water.

Thanks to a special “Keep Alive” sensor, the SHARK-X3 flashes a light or can send an automatic emergency SMS should the user fall into water with the phone. Safety is further enhanced by a built-in 100 decibel whistle. The battery is Li-ion Polymer of 950 mAh capacity with 10 hours talk time and 264 hours standby time.

The SHARK-X3 combines a powerful torch and red LED suitable for night vision so that users’ eyes don’t have to get re-accustomed to darkness after reading a map, for instance.

Users can connect their computers or tablets to the Internet from anywhere with connection sharing. The phone has a 5 megapixel CMOS camera with 8x digital zoom and LED flash, as well as alarm clock, voice recorder, FM/RDS radio, calendar, stopwatch/timer and calculator.

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