Crosscall CORE-X4

A multi-resistant smartphone

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Whether for professional or personal use, the Crosscall CORE-X4 smartphone always provides the very best. Featuring an 18:9 format, 5.45” screen, it combines ergonomics and performance, and leaves no room for compromise. CORE-X4 was inspired by the needs of all professionals, far exceeding what you would expect from a simple phone. With resistance, elegance and a high working performance, the CORE-X4 ticks all the boxes.


The CORE-X4’s physical buttons are designed with different textures to identify them at a single touch. Its 18:9 format means it can be firmly held in the hand with grip features and edges designed for non-slip operation. The 5.45” screen makes for easy reading and scrolling and is great for viewing 2 apps at a time. The X-BLOCKER notches are directly integrated into its design to connect to the whole range of Crosscall accessories.

The CORE-X4 boasts MIL STD-810G certified resistance and IP68 waterproofness for excellent protection from impacts and immersion, whether it is dropped in mud or has water spilt on it. Tests were formalized according to “Crosscall standards” that total no fewer than 100 resistance tests. Internal components are equally renowned for longevity, including the Qualcomm Snapdragon SDM 450 processor.

With faithful reproduction from its 48MP FUSION4 photo lens, the CORE-X4’s camera ensures that even in low light, photos remain bright, with striking clarity and quality. The 4x4 fusion of pixels allows 4 times more light to be absorbed while managing its own noise reduction. The programmable button can be preconfigured in photo mode for easier handling in action or when wearing gloves. Thanks to Touch-lock, every moment can be captured in any environment, even underwater.

By configuring one of the buttons to a push-to-talk app, the CORE-X4 can be used like a walkie-talkie on site. Unlocking is made easier thanks to its fingerprint scanner button with the option to configure 5 prints. It also offers a QR code reader integrated directly to the camera function for instant reading at any time.

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