Crosscall CORE-T4

A resistant compact tablet

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No matter the sector of activity in which it is used, the CORE-T4 tablet proves its performance and high levels of resistance, even in the most hostile environments. And, just like the most committed professionals, it’s never disconnected. Its 4G and Wi-Fi connectivity make it a mobile
solution with round-the-clock connection. Compatible with multiple Crosscall accessories, it truly becomes a mobile office!


Having passed 13 military standard tests and 1.5-metre drop tests, the waterproofed CORE-T4’s resistance makes it the perfect mobile office, ensuring long-lasting functionality in every environment. The choice of top quality components (Corning protective glass, Qualcomm SDM 450 processor) means it’s a sustainable investment for all phone fleet managers, resisting rain and even salt water.

When other tablets call it a day, the CORE-T4 keeps going and continues to deliver its high performance, even for the most energy-sapping uses. Its 7000 mAh battery prevents any work activity downtime, and will even put in a few hours of overtime. Even when there are no power sockets nearby, battery life can be increased with the X-POWER 6000 mAh power bank or the X-CAR vehicle charger.

Efficient and resistant need not mean bulky and awkward. At 8” and 14mm thick, the CORE-T4 is so compact and practical that it can be used single-handed thanks to its X-STRAP. Glove mode keeps the touchscreen functional so users can keep their gloves on in adverse conditions. The tablet has the Android 9 interface for a smooth, comfortable experience and a Qualcomm SD450 Octo-Core 1.8 GHz processor for optimum performance.

To meet the needs of the most demanding professions, the CORE-T4 has 4G+, with a speed of up to 2x faster than 4G. This frees up a considerable number of uses – users can make video calls, exchange live data, access professional apps and perform and transmit appraisals in real time. The tablet has 3GB RAM, 32GB Flash and up to 512GB external (SD) memory.

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