Crosscall CORE-M4

A resistant compact smartphone

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With its compact size and tested resistance, the Crosscall Core-M4 is practical and reliable, even for the most difficult jobs. Professionals working in harsh environments will appreciate its 18:9 format, making it easy to handle and fit into the pockets of any work clothes. Whether working on site, in dusty conditions, or on a boat, its long battery life guarantees prolonged activity without interruption. Watertight and resistant, it can endure the most difficult jobs for hours, even with falls, rain, or contact with other tools.


Compact yet robust, the CORE-M4 with its 4.95” 18:9 screen fits into any pocket. It is instantly easy to use thanks to the various textures and curves of its design, while its minimal 210g weight allows users to tackle any work situation with ease and agility.

The CORE-M4 reveals its true potential in the field. Its touchscreen functions even with wet or gloved fingers – a significant advantage in harsh environments. The smartphone allows all outdoor workers to make high quality calls thanks to a complete set of bands, its onboard lens takes excellent 12MP photos and a 5 GHz Wi-Fi connection helps increase productivity.

With tough components derived from specialist companies, such as its Corning glass and 64-bit Qualcomm 215 processor, the CORE-M4 is built for long life, not planned obsolescence. In development, it coped effortlessly with immersion in chlorinated or salt water to earn its IP86 certification and breezed through 13 military standard tests.

The CORE-M4 rigorously meets the requirements of the Android for Work programme (zero touch, compatible with the main Enterprise Mobile Management operators, security patch updates and more). Ideal for teamwork, it has a programmable button that can be configured with a Push-to-Talk app, making it into a real walkie-talkie. A second red programmable key can be configured according to needs - SOS, business app, photos and so on.

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