Creality High Temperature Resin

A high temperature UV sensitive 3D resin

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Creality High Temperature Resin is 220 degree UV sensitive resin for 3D printing. Ideal for jewellery and process mould opening, it is a precision product with high temperature resistance and hardness, good fluidity, short curing times and smooth finishing.


This resin’s good fluidity means that it can quickly infiltrate the model and then solidify to shape. Success rates are greatly improved by reductions in release and adhesion for greater print accuracy. It also makes cleaning the machine and model easier.

The resin improves printing speeds, enhancing the strength of the model and ensuring lower shrinkage. Curing times can also be reduced while improving the printer’s overall efficiency.

The product has a 220 degree high temperature rating and produces models with high hardness characteristics, making it ideal for jewellery and process mould opening.

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