Creality CR-ABS

ABS 3D printing filament

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Creality CR-ABS is a widely used ABS thermoplastic 3D printing and engineering filament with outstanding features and benefits, including good printing results, non-toxicity, dimensional stability, wear resistance and high impact strength.


Compared with ordinary ABS, the printing of large objects with edges and corners, layer separation, warping, splitting and other phenomena are noticeably improved. The solution is strong fluidity and the result is smoother printing.

Creality CR-ABS filament emits no harmful substances during printing and is safe and non-toxic for users, as well as being non-polluting. It is available in 10 commonly used colours: black, white, gray, red, blue, yellow, green, orange, pink and brown.

The filament produces models with excellent wear and corrosion resistance, with high dimensional stability. It is compatible with all Creality FDM printers and is simple to use.

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