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Point of Sale


The TC 505 PRICE CHECKER is a customer self-service terminal with advertising capability. Magic-Ad is a compact and versatile device that creates an interactive environment with customers. Provides quick and easy price verification and displays complete product information, pictures and advertising.


  1. Key benefits

    Product information can be remotely updated from the Internet.
    A magnetic card reader allows loyalty programmess and bonus consultation. Sales income can be improved through promotion advertising. Improve ROI with additional advertising revenue.
    A customer purchase list can be provided.

  2. Advertising

    Its memory can store up to 90 pictures (BMP, GIF or GIF89A).

  3. Display & Scanner

    320×240 (¼ VGA) graphic colour LCD display. High performance Honeywell scanner: 1000 scans/second.

  4. Reader & Keyboard

    Magnetic card reader tracks 1 and 2; 4 function keys for quick access. Communication options: Ethernet 10T or Wireless (802.11) version.

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