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The SMS 400 is a compact, durable system that can deliver all of your Industrial Sign and Labelling requirements. A logical extension to our range of systems, the SMS 400 comes complete with its own integrated network port, and is fully compatible with Local Area Networks. All our systems are delivered with NiceLabel Pro software.


  1. NiceLabel Pro

    NiceLabel Pro software is a leading design and production software that is both powerful and easy to use. NiceLabel is Microsoft approved, so there are no issues with installations on company networks.

  2. Applications

    Barcode pipe marking, safety instructions, machine identification,
    inspection labeling, maintenance labelling, article numbers.

  3. Key features

    Compact and user friendly system
    High-resolution print quality: 300dpi
    Continuous tapes and labels from 15mm to 100mm wide
    Print length up to 2 meters
    Auto cut function

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