The Seuic 1D ring scanner is designed to support a high workload in enclosed spaces, helping workers to free their hands while transporting goods, in order to increase their efficiency and decrease work intensity. Adapts to Android, iOS and Windows CE Mobile operating systems.


  1. Local Storage

    Built-in local storage can reach up to 100,000 datas. Switching automatically to local storage when Bluetooth is disconnected, this ensures that there is no data loss. Local data can be up loaded in real time through Bluetooth or by flash disk.

  2. Long working life of battery

    MicroUSB standard charging port, 500mAH lithium polymer battery, low-power design, can assure 8 hours continuous working.

  3. Rapid scanning

    Equipped with MotoSE955 1D scan engine, adapted to high-intensity scanning applications.

  4. Stable connection

    Bluetooth connection is fast and stable, has automatic prompt for disconnection, supports SPP/ HID/ BLE multiple connection modes.

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