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The Auto ID6 boasts maximal functionality, the strongest expansibility, and covers the fullest application spectrum in the Auto ID series, especially focusing on bar coding (DPM Codes included), Capacitive Fingerprint, HF, LF, Active RFID and other functions.


  1. Support all kinds of bar code scanning

    Supports the most professional scan engine in the industry, optional 1D high class SE955-I100, UE-966 laser scan engine, optional 2D SE5100-SR, SE5100-SF, SE4500-SR image scan engine, or EA30DPM code, to accurately and quickly capture data.

  2. Capacitive fingerprint function

    If you are engaged in banking, securities and secure payment and other fields with high safety requirements, then the Auto ID6 capacitive fingerprint function can ensure that your business is secure.

  3. Supports comprehensive functions

    The Auto ID6 features powerful functional combinations, supported by multi-function extension, with a variety of data capturing functions via RFID, GPS, camera and so on. At the same time, it supports WIFI, GPRS, EVDO, WCDMA, HSDPA, HSPA+, Bluetooth and other wireless communication functions.

  4. High performance WiFi, stable operating system

    The Auto ID6 with high class Summit Wi-Fi has a double antennas design, both wide angle and multi-direction, for the best performance. Supports WinCE5.0 / 6.0 or Windows Mobile 6.1 / 6.5, with unique secure storage technology to ensure stable system operation.

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