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The CL4NX is a truly universal, all-in-one industrial bar code label printer boasting superior print quality. Featuring heavy-duty aluminium construction, it is engineered for the most demanding printing needs. A standalone plug-and-play model, it is extremely easy to set up, operate and maintain.


  1. Standalone, durable, space saving design

    The CL4NX is a standalone model, so no PC is needed. It boasts heavy-duty aluminium construction of industrial grade, and a die-cast aluminium print head mechanism for consistent ribbon movement, eliminating label shift and ribbon wrinkling. Its bi-fold side cover reduces overall operating area by 54%.

  2. Easy set-up, operation & printhead maintenance

    This plug-and-play printer features user-friendly icon and language support on a full colour interactive LCD display. Easy access power button, video display with tens of videos offering operating instructions and error messaging make usage easy from day one. It has best-in-class printhead access / opening of 60 degrees for easy access and maintenance, as well as Printhead Check Function SOS Alert.

  3. Print accuracy & quality, remote web configuration

    The new darkness range for higher energy settings allows for superior, accurate printing in nearly every environment, at higher speeds with qualified media. Remote web configuration is standard.

  4. Multiple interfaces & clone settings

    The CL4NX’s new design has multiple communication ports, so no need to buy additional LAN boards. Installation of legacy and new applications is simple, with clone settings for multiple printers. It has USB ports front and rear for easy firmware, emulations and printer setting downloads, and supports IPv6.

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