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The SATOAPNAPF Series of label applicators are lightweight but robust and intelligent solutions for dispensing labels in a variety of sizes. The APN Series is for general roll labels, while the APF Series can also dispense labels of varying shapes. Both series feature ingenious Mech-Sensors to facilitate easier loading, smoother feeding and the use of non-rectangular labels.


  1. Mech-Sensor: APN Series

    The Mech-Sensor on the APN Series combines with a sensor that automatically detects labels of different strokes, eliminating the need for manual alignment when loading labels, and allowing for smoother feeding.

  2. Mech-Sensor: APF Series

    The APF Series has a new slidable Mech-Sensor that provides support for round, oval and other non-rectangular shaped labels.

  3. Range of label sizes

    The APN Series supports use of labels from 18 x 20 mm up to 60 x 100 mm, while the APN Series supports labels from 20 x 20 mm to 60 x 100 mm in size.

  4. No special labels required

    Both series support use of pre-printed general roll labels: no special (punched or slit) labels or separators are required.

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