With built-in ruggedness ideal for retail stores, the NCR RealPOS XR6 is a powerful and flexible point-of-sale terminal with a smart, compact design.


  1. Small, but very tough

    Without compromising in features and functionality, the RealPOS XR6 is up to 70% smaller than traditional POS offerings. With a space-saving design to conserve valuable checkout space, it’s a real workhorse with a rugged, die-cast aluminum chassis and an innovative cooling system to survive the toughest retail environments.

  2. Smart, retail-centric design

    The XR6’s smart, retail-centric design features an optimized mix of powered USB and serial interfaces for enhanced connectivity your at checkout. 4th generation Intel® Core™ processor technology helps it deliver exceptional performance.

  3. Quick, easy servicing

    The RealPOS XR6 is designed to be quickly and easily serviced. The EZ-Open hinged chassis gives convenient access to internal components, while an on-board image recovery button is included to efficiently restore POS software images.

  4. Customised solutions

    A customized POS solution can be created by combining the XR6 with NCR’s extensive family of displays, scanners and other retail peripherals, to meet any store’s unique requirements.

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