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The DATAMAX-O’NEIL – MICROFLASH 2ET is the industry’s most rugged and reliable 2-inch wireless portable printer, in addition to being the smallest. In fact, the 2te is up to 33% smaller its nearest competitor! It will dramatically increase the efficiency and productivity of your workforce, and ensure that “printer failure” is a term that is rendered nearly obsolete.


  1. Exclusive features

    Advanced 32-bit architecture RISC processor for light-speed processing, LED lights to indicate Bluetooth, charging and power status, and an external DC jack for easy charging.

  2. Options

    Many options to fit your specific needs – optional Bluetooth connectivity, magnetic stripe card reader, and linerless printing capability.

  3. Handheld compatibility

    Supports a wide variety of hand-held computers from leading manufacturers.

  4. Print quality & fonts

    203 dpi [8 dots/mm] resolution. Stores fonts, graphics and operating system in Flash memory; supports international character sets and any Bitstream® bitmap font.

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